Enjoy the flavour of Matcha with all senses

In general, four taste qualities are commonly recognized: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The Japanese researcher Kikunae Ikeda can be thanked for the discovery of another taste, which at the beginning of the 20th century he named Unami. This literally translates as “spicy taste” , although “ rich taste” or “full flavour” come closer to the true sense of the expression Unami. This full flavour is determined by amino acids, which are also taste carriers and in which Matcha is extremely rich. While savouring Matcha, the tea drinker therefore undergoes an extraordinary Unami experiences in which the fine sweet herb tealike flavours develop an incomparable full flavour.

This is how the sense of taste is indulged.

The acoustic sense, hearing, lets the anticipation of Matcha rise with the water boiling, the sound of it being poured and the beating of the bamboo whisk.

Through our visual sense, we perceive the vivid green colour of Matha with pleasure and full of expectation.

The sense of smell prepares us through Matcha’s free aroma for the flavours to come.

Touching the warm bowl with our fingers conveys to our sense of touch the pleasant temperature and noble character of Matcha

With very high quality Match it is often recommended, instead of 80 degrees, to use only 50 degrees hot water. This is the ideal manner for the amino acids to develop into a full flavour, the Umami.

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