The right way to sample Matcha


After experiencing the intensive, slightly sweet and bitter taste of a cup of Matcha for the first time, one has the impression of never having tasted tea before. Even preparing the Matcha, filling the cup until just over one third-full, and the careful stirring with the bamboo whisk, are an experience.

Some time is necessary to experience and enjoy a bowl of Matcha tea. Only that way can the delicate, fresh flavour be captured and appreciated. Even if the time or opportunity to attend to a tea ceremony cannot be found, each Matcha tasting nevertheless takes place in respect for the simple way of life.

The Matcha connoisseur is not left with this respect after just one bowl of Matcha. On the first bowl the tea gives nothing except its origins away. The second bowl reveals the taster’s background and encourages him to contemplate it. Not until the third bowl are Matcha and taster brought together and makes it possible for both to yield to one another.

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