Matcha – Realization of the Tee ceremony and Various uses


It was indeed quite fortunate that at the end of the 12th century, the Buddhist monk Eisai brought the centuries-old tradition of preparing a powder from tea leaves for medical purposes with him from the Bitchu province and made it know. In this way, the Japanese tea ceremony came about.  Carefully dried and difficult to prepare, the Tencha leaves are pulverised to make Matcha, then made foamy by stirring into water  approximately 80 degrees in temperature, in accordance with a ritual whose current form dates back to the 16th century. The sweet herb green tea aroma of Matcha lends even deserts an irresistible flavour. Matcha can therefore be used in bitter chocolate, delicate truffles as well as Ice-cream, and sprinkled over a frothy Latte the green flakes enhance the taste and not just the aesthetic aspect.

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