The healthiest way to enjoy drinking Tea

The word Matcha simply means “ground tea” and nothing else.  Therefore, it is not a type of tea, but in fact a tea which is further processed. In theory all kinds of tea leaves can be dried and ground. However in the vast majority of cases the result is inedible. Only the utmost quality Tencha Tea is used to create Matcha and even then, only the buds and best and youngest leaves are worthy of being ground into Matcha, in an exclusively traditional technique using granite grindstones. The result is a truly pure taste.


Apart from its sweet and slightly grassy-tasting flavour, Matcha also possesses another special property. When Matcha is created the whole tea leaf is dissolved by being beaten into a froth with a bamboo whisk in water at 80 degrees temperature. As a result, all the precious ingredients are retained. This includes notably vitamins A, B, C and E as well as the multiple plant nutrients and antioxidants. Compared with tea leaf infusion, the bamboo-whisked Matcha tea has a concentration of active ingredients roughly up to 5 times higher, and is therefore rightly regarded as the best way to enjoy drinking tea.

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