Refining and Quality classification

The Crude Tea must be refined by undergoing a further production step. This takes place in specially chosen locations, to where the Matcha is delivered. A further selection is also carries out here. The tea leaves are graded by experienced experts. As well as colour and taste, feel and texture in the mouth also play a big role.

Over several years the tea tasters are trained, just as happens with wine, to account for the various structures of the tea leaves, whose textures will be named, and to split them into categories. To ensure that the properties of the Matcha are constant, the tea is blended. For a natural product a constantly homogenous selection would bring about deviations in taste. However, this is balanced out by the perfectly corresponding mix with other parts.

At this stage however, the leaf skeleton and stem is still present. Only when these are removed and the leaves cut to an almost congruent size can we begin to speak of a tea which in theory is ready for tasting.

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