Glico Double Pretz – Matcha Vanilla

Pretzelstangen mit Matcha….


Glico Double Pretz | Matcha Vanilla

I brought 2 packs of Pretz back to work this morning, Matcha Vanilla Double Pretz and Butter Pretz. I have just polished a box of Matcha vanilla and I can foresee I would be polishing the other box pretty soon! Judging by my Glico try-out pace recently, I am kind of worry about my weight…..I did not see myself growing in weight, but my stomach seems stucking out! Hope a bit of exercising could flatten it back.
The pack of Matcha Vanilla had a strong scent of white chocolate, with just a light matccha aroma. This Double Pretz had a greenish white vanilla flavoured coating pipped along the green matcha biscuit stick. The Vanilla had a stronger taste than Matcha, yet the stick still contains a slight touch of Matcha along with the thicker taste of vanilla on it. The overall taste and after taste was not strong, so the whole pack was munched stick by stick without noticing it. In the end, I was not contented as I seem like having a flush of wind.

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