Active ingredient complex in Matcha


In total 5 active ingredient complexes combine to make Matcha so high in value. First of all these are the antioxidants specific to Matcha, Amino acids and caffeine as well as the exceptionally high level of vitamins and minerals.

The antioxidants especially are worthy of  mention since more and more scientist are becoming convinced that Matcha is a key to fighting cardiovascular disease as well as cancer, and to protecting against common everyday illness like influenza.

The amino acid L-Theanin, which is sometimes specifically termed tein, is typical for green tea and has a calming, stress-reducing effect whilst the caffeine has a stimulating effect.

In tea, caffeine appears in a form which takes effect slowly and so gradually raises concentration and performance levels.

The combination of minerals (calcium, iron and potassium) as well as vitamins A, B, C and E make Matcha a drink which, due to its composition of active ingredients, is ideal for daily consumption, makes a valuable contribution to health and not least has both a relaxing and stimulating effect.

In the next section you will find a detailed representation of Matcha’s various ingredients


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