100% tea


Matcha contains 100 per cent of the active ingredients of the tea.

To obtain the special health promoting properties of Matcha, its use in powder form, as well as its naturally high chlorophyll content, is crucial. No other tea is consumed in powder form.

Let’s make a rough comparison; imagine cooking vegetables in water in order to drink the boiling water and get rid of the actual vegetables. Of course, during cooking the vegetables release precious substances into the water- but only in an extremely small quantity. The same is true when we compare Matcha to other teas, which release merely a fraction of their active ingredients though extraction in hot water.

Not more that 20 percent, or even only 10 percent with many teas, of vitamins and anti-oxidants are absorbed by the water. With Matcha, thanks to the foaming up of the powder with the bamboo whisk, this figure is a full 100 percent. Furthermore, Matcha contains numerous fibres and minerals which, as they are not extractable in water, are not to be.

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